New Cisco Rich Media Communications Specialist

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New Cisco Rich Media Communications Specialist


#1 Post autor: marcins » 21 gru 2005, 11:01

<B>New Cisco Rich Media Communications Specialist Certification</B><BR><BR>Businesses of all sizes are increasingly adopting rich media communications such as voice conferencing, streaming video, and other digital interactive media. For these businesses to yield the significant benefits of these applications, technical professionals responsible for integrating these productivity-enhancing applications into an IP network must conduct careful planning and possess specialized expertise.<BR><BR>The new Cisco Rich Media Communications Specialist certification validates the skills and knowledge required to successfully plan, install, and manage rich media communications in an IP network. Two required examinations validate the successful candidate's ability to safely and confidently deliver the benefits and savings of rich media communications, as well as maintain the integrity and manageability of an IP network infrastructure.<BR><BR>Following are the recommended training and exams required to achieve the Cisco Rich Media Communications Specialist:<BR><BR><B><A href=" ... 5OQS2&mt=1" name="Cisco Rich Media Communications Specialist" >Cisco Rich Media Communications Specialist</A></B><BR>Prerequisite: CCNA certification
<TR ><TD ><TABLE style="FONT-SIZE: 13px; FONT-FAMILY: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" width=600 border=1 ><TBODY>
<TR vAlign=top align=left >
<TD width=150 ><B>Required Exams</B></TD>
<TD ><B>Recommended Training</B></TD></TR>
<TR vAlign=top align=left >
<TD >642-481 CRMC</TD>
<TD >Implementing Cisco IP Video Conference Rich Media Communications (ICRMC) <I>- Available January 2006</I></TD></TR>
<TR vAlign=top align=left >
<TD >642-432 CVOICE</TD>

<TD >Cisco Voice Over IP (CVOICE)</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><BR>The Implementing Cisco IP Video Conference Rich Media Communications (ICRMC) course will be available as self-paced e-learning instruction. Most students can complete the ICRMC class in about eight hours. Recommended training for (CVOICE) is offered as both a five day instructor-led class, and in a variety of e-learning options.<BR><BR><B>For More Information</B><BR>To locate a Cisco Voice Over IP (CVOICE) course offered by an authorized Cisco Learning Partner, use the Learning Locator at <A href=" ... 5OQS2&mt=1" name="Learning Locator" ></A>. For complete details on the requirements for the Cisco Rich Media Communications Specialist, CCNA, and other Cisco certifications, visit <A href=" ... 5OQS2&mt=1" name="complete details" ></A>.<BR><BR></TD></TR>