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In this new era, we have seen the emergence of a unique kind of global data system that interconnects people, services or applications. This is great app to connect the link between the physical world (NFC tags) to virtual world (Evernote account). This app can also be used in the factory to helps organize this app you can place NFC tags on the box and register it the next time when you will scan the tag it will automatically list you pre-registered content without even opening it. This is a basic example of how the tags could be used for example at the entrance of a conference room. Of course like the aforementioned google wallet, NFC tags could be tied to bank accounts or specially set up debit accounts in a secure way so that students could swipe to pay for text books while away at college.

Actually there's no limit to what the tags could be used to pay for - let the imagination wander. Imagine if NFC tags were set up in strategic locations so that students would be able to get their bearings if they swiped at the entrance of a building. On a similar train of thought, colleges have already began using NFC tags to regulate who gains entry to certain buildings. I have been waiting for this RFID chip to come on the scene since 2008 and it has finally arrived.

It is now 2016 and the RFID chip has been perfected and it is ready to be ushered in and made mandatory for all people to work, buy and sell. I am sharing with you the basics of this RFID chip and I ask you to consider all of these things before accepting this mark inside your body. NFC stands for Near Field Communication while RFID means Radio Frequency Identification but that not the actual difference.

Radio-frequency identification uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify - track tags attached to objects or people and the information is stored electronically. This agenda to have a cashless society and to force a mandatory RFID chip within peoples bodies is very real and not any conspiracy. Programming is not for everyone but trust me Programming a NFC Tags is very easy.

The 4th Reich is rising their ugly heads and the only difference here is that they have changed the Jewish star into a mandatory RFID chip and it will include more than just the Jews, disabled and homosexuals. This RFID chip will cause someone else to control your body, your emotions, your behaviors and it will be far too late for anyone to help you once you have accepted it into your body. Use of NFC Tags are not limited to simple profile automation, You can do much more than that.

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